Believing and Achieving


April 22, 2021

  Student Spotlight

 5th grader Christian Hickerson. Christian works hard in class every day. He is always in a great mood and is very polite to everyone. He is a pleasure to have in class.

6th grader Kinley Bush. Kinley, thank you for always working so hard in Spanish class. You are always prepared and ready to learn. I appreciate you fixing the calendar each day. This is a great help to me and your classmates. I am proud of you!


 Students please make sure your cell phone and/or smart watch is in your book bag during testing. If you do not have a bag to put it in, please put your phone in your classroom designated area until testing is complete for today. This is a state rule that we all must follow.



Chicken Popper Sandwich

Smuckers PBJ

French Fries

Seasoned Carrots

Pear Slices

Choice of Milk